Monroeville Lions Farmers Market


I cannot tell you how excited I am that the Monroeville Lions Farmers Market is opening! We are going to have some challenges, so in an effort to provide some sagacious advice, here are a few points to keep in mind.

The vendors are going to be much more spaced out. This is designed to keep both the vendors and the patrons at suitable distances. This presents an interesting problem. The only way to make this accommodation is to use some of the parking spaces. KEEP IN MIND, THE VENDORS DO NOT LIKE THE DIMINISHED PARKING SPACES ANYMORE THAN YOU DO!

The plan as I know it is to have the parking for handicap accessible ONLY. EVERYONE else is expected to park in one of the other lots. This means a little bit of walking! The good news on that front is that gives you an excuse to buy an extra cookie or scoop of ice cream. But remember, please be patient. We would love for this all to go back to normal but for now, we need to deal with it.

Also, the market is asking patrons to NOT linger. Usually the market is a terrific community social event but under the current situation, we politely need everyone to come in, do their business and move along.

Please be flexible! Personally, I expect the RULES to change almost week to week as we both adjust and the state makes an effort to reopen. Please understand! And please, we need everyone to "roll with the punches".

In an effort to make shopping at my booth a bit easier, I have an online order system. You can preorder and prepay and I will bring your order to the market, all bagged with your invoice attached! Several vendors are working on similar plans. Again, be patient as we all work out the various kinks.

Remember, I have set up a great way for people to preorder their local, raw honey and prepay as well.






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